Best natural eyelash growth serum


Since long ago, the face is believed to be a symbol of beauty, especially when we talk of women. And the eyes serve as a mirror of their soul. The lashes border eyes protecting them against strange objects. This is their natural destination, but mostly, we perceive eyelashes as a lovely attribute of women’s beauty. Sometimes they need help for permanent eyelash growth. There is a lot of cosmetics and serums developed to highlight every charming part of the face. And women enjoy this great variety to look pretty, to express their personal features, and, of course, to seduce men they love. No one detail of makeup should be neglected.




At some stage of makeup development, people realized how important it is to make eyelashes grow. Long, thick, soft lashes create a young and decent appearance when any woman looks attractive and seducing. Unusually long lashes highlight eyes of any type and size making them visually larger. Men pay much attention to such appearance finding it alluring. It goes without saying, that the industry of cosmetics tries to meet this demand offering a vast range of eyelash growth serums that make eyelashes longer and thicker.

Selecting among a great variety of eyelash enhancers one should remember some important things. These products contain a number of ingredients to enhance eyelashes and make them look fabulous. Unfortunately, not all these ingredients are really effective, consequently, different products give different final results.

Idol Lash is an innovative natural eyelash growth serum. Containing only pure ingredients, this cosmetic is not irritating and suits to even very sensitive eyes. It also simulates natural eyelash growth.


Best eyelash serum: how to grow longer eyelashes?

It is very simple to use Idol Lash, you need only a couple of minutes to apply it. Still, there are some things a woman should know about it. It is recommended to apply this product once a day, before going to bed.
Proceed as follows:

  • 1. Remove your makeup with a soft cloth or lotion.
  • 2. Apply Idol Lash to the base of lashes – both upper and lower.
  • 3. Use only a small amount of product. One brush of liquid is enough for both lashlines.



Idol Lash is the best eyelash serum at the moment on the market of cosmetics. It is pure and non-irritating, it stimulates natural eyelash growth and has a conditioning effect.

It is really worth trying, even for very sensitive eyes. This is a really innovative decision in cosmetics of combined action – nourishing, stimulating, and conditioning. It suits to any age or type of skin.



Results of tests

Clinical tests conducted in a group of 15 persons of different ages (24 to 82 years old) have proven, that the effect of the increase of eyelash density as a result of applying Idol Lash was up to 82% within the period of only 2 to 4 weeks. This study showed also the increase of eyelash length up to 25%. A special software has been applied to measure these parameters.
People tested applied Idol Lash as prescribed – at the root of lashes once a day, during two weeks. By the end of the experiment, positive changes were obvious for every member of the crew.


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Ingredients of Idol Lash

Being the most effective product on the market, best eyelash serum Idol Lash also offers healthy nutrition for your eyelashes. This is due to the natural ingredients combined in one formula. No wonder, that we can boast the best results in the industry – up to 25% longer and up to 82% thicker lashes in a short time.

Let’s give a glance at contents of the product:

– kelp extract
Yes, it contains laminaria which is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E and minerals – calcium, iodine and many others. All these healthy elements result in eyelash hair thickening, its density increase, and better look.
Healthy elements contained in kelp stimulate natural growth of lashes and make them fascinating.

honey extract
This is another healthy, natural ingredient that improves the moisture balance of your eyelashes making them silky and soft (and the whole face looks younger).
This is the honey extract that protects your eyelashes against harmful impact of weather conditions any season. As a result, lashes live longer making lashlines denser as never before.
nettle extract
This is a very healthy and nutritive component of the formula. Its natural minerals and juices make eyelash roots and hairs stronger, they stimulate the growth and accelerate regenerating processes.
Nettle extract is widely known to be used as a remedy against female baldness. And we have applied this healthy quality to another purpose – to intensify the eyelash growth.
– other ingredients
The nutritive formula of the eyelash serum – Idol Lash, contains a number of other ingredients affecting eyelashes and making them strong, long, and magnificent. Only a few to mention are: extracts of alfalfa, chamomile and other natural herbs. All the power of nature at your service in natural eyelash growth serum !

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How to Treat Stretch Marks on the Buttocks

As for buttocks, there are two major kinds of skin problems – cellulite and stretch marks. Most people, specifically women, would like to have smooth and flawless skin on their backside, because those unsightly stretch marks are a serious obstacle for wearing sportswear, bikini or beautiful lingerie. Fortunately, there are some topical solutions out there, which can help you effectively get rid of the scars. Below, we are going to discuss some different ways you can go to achieve the desired result.

Creams for stretch marks

Topical creams designed to delete or at least mask stretch marks and other types of scars are a popular and affordable solution on – best products for stretch marks. This way for those who would like to have visible results without need to spend a bunch of money. This is because innovative cosmetic technologies allow producing effective formulations at low cost.

High demand urges manufacturers offer a great variety of topical creams, so this is a challenging task for a customer to make the right choice. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to read reviews on the Internet. A good cream, if applied on a regular basis and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, can make stretch marks present on your butt much less visible.

Cosmetic Procedures

Another solution that many people choose in order to get rid of nasty marks on their butt is undergoing topical cosmetic procedures. The most popular ones are: fractional skin resurfacing, photorejuvenation and microdermabrasion.

In fact, fractional laser is used to destroy the scar itself, while the others are to restore the skin after the laser treatment. Popularity of such cosmetic procedures is considerably dependant on their price, while this is a rather expensive option. You should take multiple sessions and pay for each one.

Other available solutions

The range of methods applicable to get rid of nasty stretch marks on buttocks is wide. Unfortunately, folk remedies cannot provide a result you would consider satisfactory. Nonetheless, there are some recipes based on aloe vera, lemon juice and even raw eggs that can bring partial improvement.

As for modern techniques, you can consider, for example, using a tretinoin cream. This product acts through rebuilding collagen on the affected skin area. However, this cream hows low efficiency with old stretch marks. Additionally, it is prohibited for use by pregnant women.

Which way to choose?

To summarize, if you are looking to get rid of stretch marks already present on your buttocks, choose a topical cream as an optimum solution. While bringing better results, cosmetic procedures are much more expensive.